The author of The Salvation Meter is Steve Belsheim. Steve became a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ as an adult in his thirties. He graduated from Purdue University (1973 B.S. Metallurgical Engineering) and The Ohio State University College of Law (1976 J.D.).

In 2016, he retired from the practice of patent law after about thirty-nine years.  Steve blogs at, where his focus is to provide biblical instruction, as well as encouragement, for those who want to learn better how to study the Bible for themselves.  Through his blog, he plans to enhance the Graphōble Bible Study Method – New Testament approach to Bible study. 

The motivation to write The Salvation Meter: Biblical Self-Diagnostic Tests to Examine Your Salvation and Spiritual Growth came from his appreciation that many congregations include those persons who are lost, but honestly believe they are saved, as well as saved persons who lack assurance of their salvation.  The Salvation Meter is an effective vehicle for people to conduct a personal analysis of their standing with God.  While it does not provide a “for certain” diagnosis, it provides a person with an idea where they are headed for eternity so they can take appropriate action.

Steve’s plan for this website is to continuously update the substantive content of The Salvation Meter with more extensive exegetical material, updated discussion, teaching aids, and the like. 

When time permits, Steve plans to add an Interactve feature for The Salvation Meter.

He and his wife Sharon attend Fairview Community Church in Fairview, Tennessee.  Through his marriage to Sharon, he has three stepchildren, four step-grandchildren, and three step-great grandchildren.